My RL kept me so busy with school and then being out of town again and again. I missed creating stuff and I've missed you guys ~ and thank you for all your messages ^^ ~  hugsss

Well before they turn real ancient in my inventory I have released a bunch ...well fine ...all ... of the items I had for the 5 Years hunt Anniversary ... look at the post below to see them all .
Also some of them are FREE check the cheap and free  vendor ( the one next to Midnight Mania ) and get your free doze of clothes and shoes if you haven't got the chance to do so at the hunt. Also are other freebies and cheap items inside the vendor just scroll down to get to see them all ^^

And I a new release called Gypsy ... nothing fancy as a fortune teller gypsy or a carnival one hehe ... this one is a Romanian gypsy ..just in time for Halloween

They use to wear matching outfit from head to toes when there's a wedding or an occasion to show show off and a white top as casual in a btw

Also since Halloween is coming I shall put here Valeria too ...even tho some of you may know her already from the hunt
Inspired by Cruella Devile

And another new release Samara outfits ..

And I never got to release Ade and Charlotte

That would be all for now...more things coming soon ...and a few surprises :D

The beached bunny hunt 4 is starting tomorrow  got a little gift for men and women

Yes's not Christmas but i loved the color combination so :P

You are looking for a little beach bucket

and as a hint ... Stockings or shoes ..or maybe something in the middle like flowers ^^ ( i so need more hiding places lol )
I've been invited to put some free stuff at the Adult Hub ( and btw the sims are awesome, and you should visit if you are not offended by mature content )

 I've made a special edition of Carmen outfit and beside the usual pumps I've added the shoes (Ayana special edition ) and a slightly modified version of Impulse boots with a matching texture ..and of course has Lolas Tango applier HUD
And for the guys a rather simple outfit t shirt,leather pants and leather jacket and a pair of shoes
Both of them are free for new and old residents'll have to fallow the red arrow because has a landing point

And for Fashion Hunters only ...there's a gold gift box on the shelf ...wear group tag and touch it ...ermmm and look for poster if you can't see the box

(AB) Aniri's Boutique is a big shop now at the age of 5 it's having a big hunt ^^ ( and we are celebrating Aniri's (that would be ^^)  rez day as well )

There are a total of 31 gift boxes all over the shop, in plain sight ( tiny but easy to find ...literally are all over )

If you collect them all you'll get a 500L$ gift card as well ***

17  ~~~ free boxes
 7 ~~~  1L$ boxes
 3 ~~~  5L$ boxes
 4  ~~~ 10L$ boxes

I shall drop all ads below so you can see better

*** To get the 500L$ gift card  send folder with your name and all empty boxes in OR send a NC with your name and we'll check transaction history and count the boxes and numbers for you ...You need to send notecard OR folder to Amaranth Hak

Happy hunting!

PS: Don't worry all the men stuff are free :)