I've decided to introduce reward points - aka - every time you buy something* you'll get reward points for it.

* the reward points won't be given when you use gift cards or using your reward points

It might sound confusing but the short version .... every time you buy something from the shop you'll get automatically by the vendor some reward points

To use your reward points ( aka buy a product using your reward points )
- click the vendor
-reward points ( it will not ask for a confirmations, it will take the points needed for the item and give you the item, if you have sufficient reward points  )

To see how many reward points you have
- click the vendor
- discounts

Now if you want to know more ... below are details

In order to be eligible for reward points you need to spend 50L$ in the shop aka minimum amount , once you reach it you'll see in local chat that you'll get reward points next time you are shopping.

For every 50L$ spent in the shop you'll get 50 reward points

Conversion of reward point into L$ - how many points you need to get the item

Price of the item     ------            Points needed  

50    ------------------------------            250
100  ------------------------------            500 
150  ------------------------------           1000 
200  ------------------------------           1500 
250  ------------------------------           2000

Some of you already have some points because I've uploaded on the website the sales history I had from hippo vendors ...well what I had left of it. I gave you manually points based on the total amount you have spend in the shop in the last couple of years.
I haven't bothered to save at the time the transaction history from hippo vendors because well I didn't thought will be useful ...I am sorry if some of you don't have reward points.
Also the transaction history is only from the hippo vendors, so if you bought something from a box or a discount box, bargain board and so on... I don't have any history of those saved since weren't connected to hippo vendors