YAY new stuff :D ... so got 2 sexy outfits and a pair of boots and showing you all the textures and some of the things you can do with textures and colors ...for boots and shoes
Oh and let's not forget about 50% discount for all footwear ( only at the 2 vendors from upstairs ) or 70% if you wear group tag


A bandage/tape outfit. Pants, top and gloves on all layers.
Shoes aren't included, but you can find them in the shop separately ( are called Molly )

And it's only 20L by the way ...and on red too

- unlimited colors via HUD color picker or chat command
You can change color to :
- boot

Also you have 28 preset buttons with colors, option to save 6 custom colors


26 boot textures
3 sole/heel textures

And Alexis

Alexis is an multi outfit ... many options and different waits to wear it. Half latex outfit, half bandage outfit , with two different bottoms ...half latex and half latex half bandage. Also there is a flexi skirt for half of the outfit. Comes with a pair of gloves too.

Shoes not included but can be found in the shop separately ( are called Marillyn )

All items are copy no transfer, no modify - except prim and sculpted parts.

20L and on red also

And some textures /ads I've made to show you some of the options you have with my footwear via HUD

Some shoes/boots may have different textures, and options, please try a demo of the model you want and play with the HUD to see all options. Also can watch a video tutorial on youtube about the HUD and stuff :)

Oke about all for now
Hugsss Ani