I've got 3 releases today

The new shop location gift ( next to new releases ) and the umm just a gift ( LoL) next to Free and under 60L vendor will be taken down tomorrow ( 23rd of May ), so if you don't have them yet, hurry up!

Also Going on a picnic hunt and Black and White cat hunt are both on, you can see the gifts on the post from last week ^^

Hugss you all

PS: soon I'll have some more goodies for you..rubs her hands and grins
Soo let's start with the new releaes

I won't say anything else about them, because everything is on the ads ^^

We just moved to a new location so i've put a little gift for you - gift box next to the new releases
Gift from last week still out - next to Free and under 60L$ vendor - pumps and outfit

All those who took part in 4 years Anniversary hunt will receive a special thank you from me - 300L$ gift card ^^

Vixen Falconer
Kayleigh Moskalev
Fro Levee
LadyRaven Winnfield
Aeval Wildmist
Wolflady Frostwych
Chanel Lilliehook

Thank youuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!

And 2 hunts for April

Going on a picnic hunt


Black and White Cat hunt

That's about all for now - Hugsss you all
4 new releases

I won't be talking about it, because all the information is on the Ads ^^

Lucky letter - 3 boards - 2 min time - 8 items for full set

 Midnight Board - target 30 people

Profile reward - 7 items for full set . they change each day by rotation

Hunt prizes are showed in an older blog below, the new thing is that for all of those who finish the hunt, I'll send them an extra prize ^^

Also i've put a freebie in the shop, next to the new releases

And upstairs it's a vendor with more than 60 items , price from 0L to 50L ..mostly 20L or below ^^