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Also I've got an extra gift ...hidden in a box under the Xmas tree... you just have to find it ;) Happy hunting
I know i'm a little bit behind ^^ sowy

Previous releases :

As usual demo for free and inside the demo bag you will find NC with all the details and options for each ^^ so I don't write a book here

New-er release

Cherie it's really elegant ...not my best color mix in the add but I wanted to show the parts that you can mix

Winter it's a redo from a special limited..i think was lucky letter prize ..now it's full option and improved :)

Here let's have another Cherie add ..this one it's older than the one above, and little bit different because it's with an older hud version, so doesn't have all the options the above does

Lol this one looks much better

And got a new outfit too

Comes in pink, red, white and the above black. Touch vendor when it's on black and you get NC with details about outfit and options :)

Oh oh oh...and I'm in a hunt ...Winter Memories hunt

Only 1L for this cute gifts perfect for those cold winter days/nights .. red ankle boots for girls and the brown ones for guys