Yay finally some new releases ...4 of them

All of the above stockings are color changeable ( aka modifiable so you can tint them any color you want ) also you have a few already made colors in the bag.
I like how Kimberlly turned out and the way you can mix things up

Also i've made changes to the shop ..as in i've build a new one lol ...you know me that I get bored quickly by the same shop

I've moved all lucky boards, profile pick reward and lucky cupcake around the corner ... explore a  little . Due to the little space and the way i've manipulated the prim I'd suggest you have a walk instead of using camera :P

I'm waiting for the heat wave to be gone already ... it's been very hot here for the last 3 weeks and more on the way

Oh oh ..please if you have ideas of shoes, clothes or jewerly that you want to see in the shop drop a Notecard or IM to AnirisBoutique Resident and tell details or provide a link / image

thank you
Have a nice day
Hugss Ani

I've made a few changes ..I've added the items from free and under 50L$ vendor as booby prize in the cupcake ;) ... so you can get some useful stuff instead of cupcakes and muffins lol
I'll add more prizes to the cupcake in the future as well some booby prizes

You click the cupcake to take a bite..and you can win a prize or booby prize. you can do it as many times you want, but you have to wait a little between bites
Have fun!

Here are the prizes at the moment in the cupcake :

And the booby prizes :

 (Anele in all colors )

 (Ayleen in all colors )
(SweetBaby all colors )