Don't forget as usual you can buy one get one free..this time until next release

Offers is available only for the new releases : Minx, Temptress, Katie, Chloe, Innocence,Colleen, Venus, Sophia and Lydia

Also I've put in the bargain boards one of each. The price is 50% off for those colors but if you get from there you can not ask for a free one

And don't forget join in ~Aniri's Boutique ~ for free and you can ask only ONE time for a welcome gift ( any item you want from shop as long is not fat/megapacks )

Aaand if you are interested of selling my shoes and boots... I have an affiliate program up and running ... Details on marketplace :
Since many people delete the note card inside the bag before READ it... yes out there :P


Decided to make a video tutorial in hope you can understand things better and maybe will improve your sl prim/sculpted life

Is really something quite basic for a builder to be able to change to whatever color a prim but to find out your skin color RGB is a little bit more complicated but really once you done it few times you will see how easy it is :D

Who knows maybe you will become a famous builder and I'll say ..uh oh that he/she learn it from me :))

But seriously now I really hope this will be useful :D

Umm is my first tutorial and the first time I actually talk in public :P so please be gentle with me

If you have any suggestions..or you would like to see another video tutorial about something let me know and if I can I'll do it...even if that means I'll have to talk again LOL

You will find the tutorial on youtube -

Nice shoes with skin, nails and zipper color changeable via HUD

Other colors available and demo too

Are the first ones with new gold and brown color

Innocence sandals: you can change color of skin, nails, ring by HUD and texture of flowers by menu ( 7 textures to pick from )
You can also hide or show the rings
Other patters available

Made it to complete Venus look

Bathing suit in different layers : shirt/pants , undershirt/underpants and tattoo

Goes really great with Innocence sandals :D

Different colors available

Bathing suit in different layers : shirt/pants , undershirt/underpants and tattoo
Sun hat and pareo included

And to complete the look try Colleen sandals :D

Other patterns available

Colleen sandals. You can change skin, nails, ring, gem color by HUD and you can hide or show the rings

Made them to complete Sophia look :)

Katie are some cute platforms with option to hide show/show rings . You can change the texture of the platform by clicking the sandals and click on textures on the menu that will pop up and the pick any of the 12 textures you like.
You can change the color of skin, nails, ring and ring gems by HUD

Over the knee boots with simple parallel laces in front. Color changeable rivets and heel

Other colors and demo available

Continuing the over knee boots series

The boots have straps around, on each strap 3 studs. Color changeable parts : straps, studs, heel and buckle

Demo and other colors available

Sculpted nails with texture changeable option via HUD , 15 textures to choose from. Also has an animation inside the nails that stops them to float around( 95% of the cases ) due to AO, lag or bad posing
Demo available at the shop

For hands sizes :0, 10,20,30
Heya everyone ^^ I've decided to put my blog up again and hope this time I will keep it running and updated :D

If someone is interested to blog here or to blog about my stuff on other blogs lemme know