I've realize I didn't put any date for Shoes No Name contest ^^ sowy ^^

So contest starts today 26th Feb and lasts 2 weeks until March 13th

Hugss you
^^ I have 4 releases today ..2 men 2 women and new gifts and a new contest

Paola silks ( i so love this - even tho I'm not into RP and gorean stuff ..etc...I do love belly dancing ;) )

Since I have no clue about gorean stuff I didn't do any scripting for the silk ( to be removed, striped, torn etc ) but I can do it ( for free ) ...just that well i need you to tell how it should sound lol

And i've done some barefeet to go with them

And for the Guys

And barefeet for them as well ;)

A new contest for you ... Shoes No Name - round 1

Shoes No Name round 1/2013
Give the shoes and name and you can win them ^^ simple as that :)
here is a photo (ignore technical stuff )  ..

Make a new NC and rename it '' Shoes no name round 1 ''  ...( without the '' '' )
Write inside as many names as you want
Send it to AnirisBoutique Resident

Additional infos ... I suggest you have a look at my current shoes and clothes names to get an idea of how I like to name my stuff :P

Winners - I shall pick 3 winners
1st place : the shoes with 5 extra textures
2nd place : the shoes with 4 extra textures
3rd place : the shoes with 3 extra textures
the extra textures will be exclusive for the winners :P
Good Luck!

And new gifts

For the subscriber list ( when you join in you will get it automatically ) ..if you are already part of it you will receive it in the next couple of days

And for those in the group..or new ones here is a little something for you too ^^

You can only get it from main shop. touch the sign where says '' Touch this sign wearing group tag in order to receive free gift '' .. if you touch it in other part than the one above you will get pop up menu :P
And don't forget to wear group tag

Also I'm missing 3 NCs from previous contest ... Contest sort of ...

asawa jupiter
trage cline
Amitola Woodrunner

Please make a new notecard rename it (AB) winner sort of , write inside the 5 footwear you want to receive and send it to AnirisBoutique Resident

I believe that's about all for now but I got more things ready for you sooo keep an eye on notices

I shall let the photo talk

Happy Valentine's Day to all ^^

Outfit, tattoo and shoes aka all you see except hair and skin :P
Since the below post was way too long :P

WE are on facebook now , feel free to add me


Also Affiliate program will be up by the next release, and will have a 60% commission for 2013, for those who are interested to sell my items, after 12 months will get back to normal 50% comission
So I'm a tiny bit behind, since I had to update all my vendors ( that wasn't planned ) But I got lots of news for you today ^^

1st of all 3 New releases ...

Shanny ..it's my fav, been sitting in my inventory for a lot of time ( fine I thought I don't have it any more :P )
But YAY today she sees the light

I've made a full outfit for Mardi Gras ..this supposed to be 1st but I like Shanny more :))

This outfit has tons of stuff to combine and shoes are included :) with HUD - skin, nails, ring and ring gems ( color and texture changeable ) the mask and head piece as well in the packet

And to go with it I have made some jewelry as well ( earrings, bracelets and necklace )

Something for the guys as well :)

 Comes with HUD and you can change texture and color

Now lets see if I get them right ... Midnight Mania, Profile Picks and Lucky letter prizes

The shoes are inside MM group board
Second photo is in MM public
3rd one Lucky letter public
4th one Lucky letter group
and for prizes for picks I have put the jewelry set - add the shop in your profile picks and after 12-24 hours come back to click the board ( more infos on the board )

By the way .. the gifts from boards don't come with the shoes ...except the MM with the shoe prizes, also the headpiece and mask is not included in the bag ...just the outfit

Now ..we've reached a steady over 300 group members yaaaaay ..sooo got a little gift for you :

I wanted to make something with HUD but some girls said they prefer without so they can wear stockings and I've noticed spikes/studs are/were fashionable ( was a pain to make them ) ..but well I hope you will like them. Are made for V1 and V2

..Boy this is a huge post ...

Thank you all so much for your Contest sort of... 2013 note cards and responses :D  lots of hugs
Here are the list of people who helped me, and as I've promised you'll get to pick 5 pairs of footwear from the shop. Look around, see what you like and send the Names of the footwear to AnirisBoutique Resident

asawa jupiter
Temptera Evermore
trage cline
Fro Levee
Amitola Woodrunner

PS: I had fun figuring out the alts ^^ ..but since was no rule against alts - yay- for everyone

I was saying last week that I will make a Shoe No Name Contest ..and I shall next release since we have too many going on right now ... Also don't forget about the 2 hunts that are still going on , 4 days left ( will end on 15th Feb ) Prizes are 0L$

And if you are good something for Valentine's Day ..so keep your eyes open for more notices.