Well I haven't updated this blog for ages, but I had a good reason ^^

First of all Happy New Year! I hope you will have a very good one ^^

I have been busy moving to another country with my fiancée and now everything seems to just settle down, but not for long because we are expecting for our family to grow soon :D ..very soon ...yes ...we have been busy :)

I have closed my in world shop due to lack of rent money.. no surprise since I haven't been able to do anything new or promote anything, so atm everything is on marketplace, and everything should be up to date, and more items to come.

I will try to make stuff as often as I can, I really miss doing stuff and I hope I will be able to keep doing it, at least until babies are here.

The group and subscriber in world are still on, and I tend to update there more, so keep an eye on those. Group is free and easy to join in ( is in my profile too ) and subscriber...please send IM to Amaranth Hak or AnirisBoutique Resident if you want to be add or removed ...since there is no location for the subscriber in world ... or you can be added when you get a new item from the shop ( demo or full price ). The latest item atm is Giulia, so anything after will have in the menu to join group and/or subscriber

Also is the only way I can send gifts to you ( group or subscriber ) so it's worth being in it ^^

That's it so far... soon I'll come back with some new releases.