I have decided to give it a go to a photo contest because I would love to have some photos with you ( yes you out there ) wearing some of my creations and show off ^^

For the beginning I set up more modest prizes, I want to see how it goes before we go wild

1st place prize 1000L$ gift card and new release item
2nd place prize 500L$ gift card and new release item
3rd place prize 250L$ gift card and new release item

For everyone else who got in a FREE outfit or shoes from my newest release  ( depends what I am releasing )

Now that we got that out of the way ^^

Every 2 months I will pick the winners , with some help from my friends ^^ .... why every 2 months and now monthly? Well because I hope to get at least 10 people in by the end of the 2 months ( yes I am that nervous about that and afraid that no one will get in lol )

1st Round starts February and at the end of March we'll hopefully have the first winners ....IF the contest goes well ... we'll see ^^

Oh yeah ... about the contest ...RULES ...

1. You need to wear an outfit and shoes from the shop
1.1 The outfit MUST be red , the shoes ....any that you want or have BUT they still have to be in the shop
2. Rename your photo (AB) BMC round 1
3. Send it to Amaranth Hak ( make sure it's full perm ...the texture that is )

Why red ? Because having a Valentine's Day sale with red stuff for 10L$ will make things easy

I would like to see you getting creative, you can take the pic anywhere in SL ( doesn't have to be in front of a photo studio ) , but be sure you are alone around and don't have other people in the frame.

Umm I guess that would be all
Good luck to all and fingers crossed ... I can't wait to see how this will go

Staring today February 10th until .... ummm we'll see ^^ ... I am having a sale ^^ Everything red is 10L$ and also I have 25 shoes and boots for 40L$

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hugs Ani
Hey everyone :D ... just a heads up that all prices been dropped ^^
Footwear 99L
Outfits 70L
Jewels 50L
Singles ( skirts, pants, undies ) 30L
Stockings 20L
Nails 10L

If you find something that  doesn't has the price according to the above list ...let me know and it's yours for free

Hugs Ani
I never understood the free gift thing LOL ... usually gifts are for free ...ahem any way

I finally put Meli up for sale ... You will need Slink High Feet btw ...as in it won't work without slink high feet

And since we are at Slink stuff ... I've put a little gift ... Nails polish!!!!!! Yay! works with both hands and feet from Slink

To get it touch the big gift box :)
The Stupid Cupid hunt is on ( for some reason I've managed to mess it up while re doing the shop ) ... So I am late ... but Allie been so sweet and gave me another chance to put the arrow out ^^

Hunt will end on feb 15th ... you are looking for an arrow ... and my eternal hint ( LoL )  ... I like flowers ^^

I have a little something for ladies and men inside btw ...and it's free
Now you can get a redeliver to pretty much anything you have bought from marketplace and in world shop . If the purchase is fortunate enough to be on the one the transaction history records that i have.
So now if you need a redelivery of something you can check it out and see if it's on the list on thing you have.
Also some of you who bough my shoes a long time ago when I was selling them by color you can get the ones that are currently in the shop aka with HUD and texture/color changeable and so on.
How to do that? Well drop by at the shop and click on the redelivery board ( next to the shelf ) and you'll get a link that will take you to a webpage . You will see ALL the items that you've bought from my shop and other shops as well that have this kind of redelivery option.... buuut if you do it from my shop ... my items should be at the top of the list ^^