A little bit different kind of hunt

" Seven Continents make up our theme and you get to visit them at your leisure! This means there will be 7 smaller paths to our hunt instead of one looooong one. How will this work? Hunters will receive a hud and be able to click on each continent and receive the starting SLurl in local chat. The button will change to "done" mode. Just click it again to change it back if you do not wish to mark that continent as done at that time. On the blog, each country has its hints and links on separate pages, again avoiding the need for hunters to do the hunt in one long, pre-arranged list. "

Ermm to get the HUD click the hunt poster ^^

That being said the hunt item  - is 1L$ -

I am part of Europe and well .... I wanted to do something related to my country ....which I did ... but turned out pretty simple ...because well it is simple in RL as well LOL .... so I've put some extra gifts... So you'll get them all for 1L$ ^^

  and the extra gifts ( are some existing outfits in the shop already )

Oh and the hint is .... Mmmmm spring is almost here ... i can't wait for the FLOWERS!

Happy Hunting!