Yay / Dirty little secret hunt 4 started yesterday . I have a gift for men and women ....and comes with a full HUD option ( can't get better than this lol ...except the fact that is only 1L$ :O  )

I have a passion for shoes it the hint ..and you are looking for a key. Happy hunting!!!

OH Boo Bunny 2 and A kinky Halloween hunts will end on 31st ..be sure you grab those as well while you can

More free stuff and releases soon
Hugss Ani
Boo! Bunny is all about being scary ... This was a little bit different for me, since I'm not fond of scary things lol ... This is an Unisex gift, but I've put it in 2 bags ( one for women with Lolas Tango Appliers  and one for men )

I've made it on all possible layers ..pants, shirt, underpants, undershirt, tattoo, gloves, socks, skin, even made some eyes to go with it. The outfit some with 7 attachments , you can wear them all, or some or none :)

You are looking for a candy ( orange candy ) and the hint is : I love costumes . Oh and this is a free hunt :)

Ahem...i really need to come up with better hiding places and hints lol
Happy hunting

Oh and don't forget about the 50% sale for Halloween outfits :)
I have 4 releases today :)

 Angel is a very complex outfit and I couldn't get all the items in the add ( well i could but would look ermm squashed ) ahem
So you have 4 types of skirts: mini, short flexy, fishtail, burlesque type and another one short flexi with belt ( x 2 ..opaque and 30% transparency ) . halo, wings with flying on/off and flapping ( 2 size small and bigger..and you can edit them anyway and make them any size you want ) , pumps, stockings, necklace, bracelets,earrings,Lola's Tango appliers

And even better it's one of the items with 50% off the normal price ( and I do suggest you wear group tag for another 20% discount :)

Avery Barefeet is made to complete Avery outfit, but you can wear it with other fairy outfits or ..other outfits :)

I think Kerra was part of a hunt at some point, now it's released in shop and updated with Lolas Tango appliers ^^

And taking advantage to release other stockings ( still a lot more waiting for release )

50% discount for a a total of 9 outfits and 1 pair of boots . Wear group tag if you want another 20% discount ^^

The outfits are : Hell Queen, Virago, Angel, Spooky, Shanny, LadyBee, LadyBug, McVillan for women, McVillan for men, and Beast boots

Also don't forget 2 hunts ...and 2 more coming until the end of the month. Read below posts for more details about those

Ahem..this month will be a busy hunt one , sort - of-  ish :) Well more than usual

Kinky Halloween Hunt 2 ...the name says it all. I have a small gift for guys and a umm bigger one for girls, both of them are in the same pumpkin ( price is 5L$ )

The outfit for girls ..is actually 2 ( i couldn't decide if to make it with or without zipper in the back, so you have both versions ) and has Lolas Tango applier as well :D
The gift for guys...well it's very teasing  ( if there's such thing as very teasing ) lol

Hint: The winter is coming I need Boots
Hunt ends 31st Oct

Pin Up Hunt ...Gift only for girls and has Lolas Tango applier

The hunt will start tomorrow 5th Oct ...and the outfit will be released after the hunt is over . You need to find a little red devil head.

Hint: That's my cupcake
Hunt ends 20th Oct

Boo Bunny 2 Hunt and Dirty Little Secrets 4 will start later this month. 1st one Halloween related and second one not.So keep an eye on the notices to find out what and when ;)

And I'll have a new release in the next few days as well ^^