I have 3 new releases and 2 new gifts ^^

I really like Shawna ...it's sexy but in the same time classy ^^
( Don't forget to wear group tag for 20 % discount)

Stars it's for Slink High feet 
( If you have Starry sculpted shoes and want it for Slink let me know and you can get it for free ) 

Zoetta shoes - for Slink high feet

Also I have put a new Group only gift so wear your (AB) Aniri's Boutique group tag

Also I have for a limited time 2 weeks for Fabulously free in SL 

And that would be for now...Don't forget to join out bimonthly photo contest ^^

I am so very happy! I have received so many notecards - It feels nice to see that so many people got involved into this contents and be sure I'll make some more in the future

Now back to business ...

Emmalena Damour came up with the name -  Ravenna -  and I like it a lot soooo we have a winner ^^

And special mention NevannaR , I like your name, and it's almost identical with the name given to the shoes ....soooooo Emma will get the boots with 2 unique textures and Nevanna with one unique texture

Also all of you who participated and send me NCs will receive 50L$ gift card ...because it's more complicated with the store credit :S

^^ I've made some more Slink high shoes most of them are after my sculpted feet shoes, but adapted for Slink. If if you got the sculpted version let me know and I'll send you the Slink version as well.
Do try a demo before ^^

They all have HUD with 22 shoe textures and then some more for the accessories.