I had a hard time deciding what to release and what to put as gift and prizes... This is going to be a long post so I'll stop yada yada details ^^

Rebeca - you had a sneak preview during Beached Bunny hunt ...and now here's the full released outfit

This was at 1st a swimsuit, but I thought will look nice like a formal outfit as well ...and ta da!
Contains :
top, pants ( long and short ), underpants ( long and short ) undershirt, flexi sarong, sculpted sarong, rigged mesh sarong in 5 sizes : S,M,L, XS, XL, floppy hat ( sculpted ) 3 flexi gowns, wedges with full HUD options : 22 skin textures, 24 nail textures, 30 shoe textures , 18 sole textures and you can change color for : skin, nails,shoe, sole and combine textures with colors for more options :)

 Amberly are color changeable :)

Vonney - just the colors above, no color changeable

Celeste jewelry set . necklace, earrings, bracelets, rings. low scripted and with HUD 24 gem textures x2, 17 metal textures x2 , on/off bling, full bright, glow and shinnies

everything below are simple footwear - ( only the texture you see on the add )- with exclusive textures
 Alana - lucky board
 Cherie - mini mania
Evelyn - profile picture reward
 Faith - fashion trend gift ( fashion trend group tag needed ) - available for 2 weeks ..after that will be inside the mini mania board

 Neve - lucky board
 No kidding - lucky cupcake
 Ronda - 2000 subscribers gift
 Sahara- lucky cupcake
Sandy - mini mania

Lucky cupcake is new in the shop ..you take a bite from the cupcake and you can win one of the above prizes...and I'll be adding some of the stockings as well ..but without color change option or...umm..well...junk :P

Mini Mania ... sort of like normal midnight mania board ..only that has a low target and ONLY 1 person will win the prize

Lucky boards are set for 10 min and you'll get the whole prize when you win, no more pieces :P

Profile reward board - have the shop in your profile picks and click the board ( can take up to 48 to be recognize if you just put it there ) - you'll get the full prize

Summer sunrise and sunsets started yesterday, please check the below post for more details.
A few more days left from Midsummer night's dream hunt 4 ( ends on 20th )...and happily ever after hunt will be over at the end of the month

As you can tell I've put a lot of time and work to make this gifts and releases, if it's possible please tell your friends and bring them over for prizes and stuff and ..well if you don't buy anything maybe you can make a small donation ^^ the donation jar is next to lucky board - thank you very much for your support ^^

Umm I guess that's all for now

Hugss Ani

Summer sunrise and sunsets hunt a little grid wide hunt :) The prize is 1L

Outfit and pumps as well ( special Marillyn pumps - with HUD skin texture and color changeable )

hint: Drolls... can I eat the cherry on top and lick the icing? Pretty pleaseee!!!!

and hunt blog : http://summersunriseandsunsethunt.blogspot.com/

Tomorrow we'll have new releases and gifts ^^

Hugss Ani
Happily ever after hunt is a fantasy themed hunt. You are hunting for apples ( bad one -black and good ones - red ) I't s a 5L/gift grid wide hunt. Jun 30th - Jul 30th

There are all in the same ''good'' apple
Hint : It's a little bit late for Blossoms this time of the year
Happy hunting all ^^

PS: this week I'll finish with my exams and then I'll have time to work on goodies for you, I already have a few new releases ready, so keep your eyes open :)
Hugss Ani