Oke...It's been way too long since I had a release ... My RL been  a pain in the butt ..sigh... anyway :)

50% off normal price for a week

 Some of you might remember Aki from a Previous hunt .. I like the outfit a lot and thought would be a waste not to releases it
 Alleria ... 10 pretty colors , fishnet stockings with a hint of glitter .. No modify
 Japen / color changeable stockings ...aka modify
Lorre - you get 2 in one. I couldn't decided if to make it only ankle length or go under knee ..so there you have them both

Candy Cane 5 Hunt started yesterday you are hunting for a cupcake with a candy cane. Both male and Female gift - 1L .. Hint ... Is it midnight? I want my prize!

And got a few Gacha items as well - 2L a try - all prizes are transfer, so you can exchange with your friends and complete your collection. The stockings are separate - 9 prizes - and the 2 outfits are set on rare ...of course :P

And for the Lucky cupcake and Lucky Letter

 Marla - lucky letter
Lexi - lucky cupcake

I will have some more for you ...hopefully before Xmas