I have 6 releases, 3 for girls and 3 for guys

And evil bunny hunt has started

And 2 more hunts starting in 4-5 days ( on 20 and 21th March )

Also I have extended the Shoes No name contest with another week ^^

I know I am very behind with Midnight Mania and lucky letter and profile reward gifts, I will make up for it, I promise

4 New releases
Shoes No Name contest ( look below to the older posts ...for details ) one more week till dead line
 Midnight Mania board, lucky letter and profile reward - tomorrow :P
Also we're in 3 hunts this month so keep your eyes open for notices

You all know Carmen by now...or you should , Sky is a gift for joining subscriber and Brown you can get it if you are in the group ...details in older post below
Anyway today I am releasing all the colors...except the 2 above who will be exclusive for subscriber and group :P

And a little something for St. Patrick

I shall have for you more very soon

Oh..and I am part of Fashion Trend group - you should be able to join from sign at the shop or look into my profile

i will send Carmen green as a group gift there...since St. Patrick it's close :P

And for Midnight Mania and Lucky letter ... I shall add stuff tomorrow ^^