YAY! Time for new releases :) read below how you can get them with 60% discount

And this is a special occasion ... I'm releasing my 1st jewels set  Hooray!!!

So got 4 releases in total today

      I'll start with the jewels, coz deserves the first place ^^
I've called it Pandora ... since I'm new and don't really know what I am doing in matter of Jewelry I've thought it's like opening Pandora's box :) ..since the name...ahem... So the set has: necklace, earrings, bracelets and rings ( left and right ) . You can pick unlimited colors or use the textures buttons ( 16 metal textures and 25 gem textures )
     Demo is available, so you can play with HUD and see how it works and explore the options.
Has a very small bling ( the center gem ) - no light house huge bling -  with an on/off option

      Next one are some very cute flats with some rose flowers. Unlimited colors and texture changeable with 27 shoe textures,3 outsole,3 leafs and 26 textures for each of the 3 little roses

        Graciela ^^ - btw are my new fav lol - unlimited colors + 36 skin textures, 36 nails textures, 26 shoe textures , 5 heel textures and 11 buckle textures

     Erin is a multi option / wearable outfit meaning can be worn as different outfits or even a swimwear :) . Comes in 8 colors - black, blue, brown, cream, green, pink, purple and red. I won't put them all so I won't make a huge post

This is my second week in 59L x 59H - meaning one (up to 3 items ) have a 59L price for 59 hours starting Friday middnight will Sunday 11 pm ...and lots of shops having the offer. Is still new and they are taking more vendors in, so if you are a designer and interested to get in you can and I believe the designers rights are free :)
And here is the link for this week items, also you can join in group or subscriber in world ( i have them in my shop btw ) 

 60% discount for new releases? Yup you can! How? well quite simple just fallow the steps below.

- buy from marketplace
- write honest review and rate it ( aka giving it starts - how many is well  up to you )
- and you must be part of my group ~ Aniri's Boutique ~  ( free to join in )
- send me IM in world telling me what you've bought and I will refund you the 60%    ---- after I check if you review the item and you are in my group ---
The offer stands for the first 5 reviews for each item ( 5 for Pandora, 5 for Graciela, 5 for Blossom and 5 for each color of Erin)

Humm I think that would be all 
Hugss Ani

I've been working a lot ...I don't know how I've managed on this infernal heat ... but yay got lots of stuff :D ...and more to be released

For today got 4 new releases : 1 outfit ( you can pick from 7 colors ) , 1 ankle boots, 1 under knee boots and 1 pair of pumps

Going to start with the pumps... I've been asked to make pumps with other type of heel than the usual one, so I did :D..I think are a little creepy but still cute, beside has option to switch between normal heel and spine heel. As usual comes with HUD and unlimited color option + texture option...too many stuff to say, so please try a demo and play with the HUD and all the options :D

The next one ...boots has zipper option, again comes with HUD and option for color and texture changeable

Outfit ... this outfit has so many options... and can be worn as so many different things, I've tried to capture some of them in the add ^^

And to go with the outfit I've made these cool ankle boots - HUD- unlimited colors and option for texture changeable 

Also I've put new stuff inside boards 3 for group and 3 for nongroup ... except Pamela are with full HUD and will be put for sale later ^^, so drop by and click :)