I'm going to start with the 4 years Anniversary hunt ^^
On 28 this month I'll make 5 years and (AB) Aniri's boutique will make 4 YAY!!!!

So I have a little hunt for you :D

I haven't put any clothes because you had enough clothes with the Hunts from last couple of months

You need to get a HUD and wear it while you hunt for 8 treasure chest, be careful, the chests are tiny, so you need to be close to see them, caming around might not work :P
Once you've found all 8 chests you will automatically receive a folder with the above prizes.
There's a HUD giver on the wall next to MM and lucky letter ... I've put a fee of 15L, trying to cover a little the upload costs ^^
Here are the hints : 5 chests downstairs and 3 upstairs

slap me don't spank me;
 you're a babydoll,
your little business with (AB) ,
i think you have some gum on your pumps lemme have a better look,
clean nails,
 empty display in the middle of the shop,
 i better put some clothes on me now,
 excuse me miss i think i've dropped something between ermm your big girls

Hunt starts on April 22 and ends on May 9
Good luck all ^^

New releases

I don't know what else to add..lmao...I've wrote a book on the ad

Galaxy ...was for a short time a prize for lucky letters somewhere last year...I've remade it and improve it, also the scripts dropped...like a lot..almost not there

The boots from the outfit are without HUD
Also I've made a new video showing the improved outfit ( well scripts and stuff ) it's on youtube :P

Since i've mentioned Charming above ...the Shoe No Name Contest round 1 it's finally over - thank you for your NC, patience too

Charm Cleanslate - Charming
Temptera Evermore - Grace
Fro Levee - Lori

 I will send the winners Charming shoes with some exclusive textures just for them

I've finally changed the prizes in Lucky Letter, Midnight Mania and Profile picks reward

Lexi - profile reward ...7 pieces ...so visit each day to get a new piece

Rita - Midnight mania board ... no group all free to slap it

Celeste .... 8 pieces ...10min changing time

And that's about for now

I didn't had the chance to show you the new gifts from the April hunts  ( blushes )

Where are you spring - 1L

Doug and Kitty red are for the 50 Shades of ..hunt - 5L ( both of them in the same bag )

Happy Hunting ^^

PS: THE hints :))

for where are you spring : Up and down the stairs
for 50 shades of ..hunt : Winter is gone, but I saved a SNOWFLAKE for later :)