Been working for the past months at updating all my foot wear collection. And with the help of some wonderful girls who helped me testing all of them ... and remaking ... I believe all is set :) Just need to start working on the new adds
Oh...the adds... well that's another problem because is more complicated to do them ... Was easy before one color per add.. but now my footwear have at least 30 textures of colors and patterns and is impossible to show them all in one add :(
Plus the over 30 nails textures...and over 30 skin textures...sigh...and accessories... I have no clue who to do the ads to show off the features but still make the ads look nice and simple
I am open to ideas :D ... so don't be shy to send me your suggestions
I've made few video tutorials ^_^...started gettting used to make them and liking making them too
If you wanna see them .. just go to my youtube channel :
If you want me to make a video tutorial about something in particular let me know and I'll try doing so :)