Hello again ^^

I have new stuff for you today, two new releases and two gifts

Mesh dress with HUD - 7 textures
5 size options - XXS, XXS, S, M, L + fitted mesh
The textures are dark with a hit of color and of course there's the white version :)


Mesh dress with HUD - 9 textures
5 size options - XXS, XXS, S, M, L
Plenty of textures to choose from


Works with classic avatars
Can work with mesh avatars ( you will need to hide some parts of the body ) - Please try demo before buying to see if works for you.
I am wearing Belleza mesh body Freya in the add

And this two  special gifts for group and subscriber ( to subscribe grab a demo from marketplace for any of the 2 new releases and you'll get the menu when you wear/rez the bag )

Hugsss Ani
Hello everyone!
I am back ( sort of ) ...at least I am trying ^^

I am glad to be back, it's been far too long. I will try my best to get someone thing out once in a while

For now I have 2 releases today + a gift ( will be send in group notice and subscriber list )

Mesh necklace and earrings with HUD - 7 gem textures and 8 metal textures
You can change separately the textures for the gem ( on a row ) and separately for necklace and earrings


A lovely mesh gown with optional sleeves and cape ( I do thinks looks lovely on it's own ) 7 textures to choose from
It works with classic avatars BUT could work with mesh avatars as well if you can hide some parts of the body (the ones that poke through the mesh ^^ )


And a special Niamh dress as a gift

Hugs you all