(AB) Aniri's Boutique is a big shop now at the age of 5 ...so it's having a big hunt ^^ ( and we are celebrating Aniri's (that would be ...me ^^)  rez day as well )

There are a total of 31 gift boxes all over the shop, in plain sight ( tiny but easy to find ...literally are all over )

If you collect them all you'll get a 500L$ gift card as well ***

17  ~~~ free boxes
 7 ~~~  1L$ boxes
 3 ~~~  5L$ boxes
 4  ~~~ 10L$ boxes

I shall drop all ads below so you can see better

*** To get the 500L$ gift card  send folder with your name and all empty boxes in OR send a NC with your name and we'll check transaction history and count the boxes and numbers for you ...You need to send notecard OR folder to Amaranth Hak

Happy hunting!

PS: Don't worry all the men stuff are free :)


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