Yay finally some new releases ...4 of them

All of the above stockings are color changeable ( aka modifiable so you can tint them any color you want ) also you have a few already made colors in the bag.
I like how Kimberlly turned out and the way you can mix things up

Also i've made changes to the shop ..as in i've build a new one lol ...you know me that I get bored quickly by the same shop

I've moved all lucky boards, profile pick reward and lucky cupcake around the corner ... explore a  little . Due to the little space and the way i've manipulated the prim I'd suggest you have a walk instead of using camera :P

I'm waiting for the heat wave to be gone already ... it's been very hot here for the last 3 weeks and more on the way

Oh oh ..please if you have ideas of shoes, clothes or jewerly that you want to see in the shop drop a Notecard or IM to AnirisBoutique Resident and tell details or provide a link / image

thank you
Have a nice day
Hugss Ani


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