Since many people delete the note card inside the bag before READ it... yes out there :P


Decided to make a video tutorial in hope you can understand things better and maybe will improve your sl prim/sculpted life

Is really something quite basic for a builder to be able to change to whatever color a prim but to find out your skin color RGB is a little bit more complicated but really once you done it few times you will see how easy it is :D

Who knows maybe you will become a famous builder and I'll say ..uh oh that he/she learn it from me :))

But seriously now I really hope this will be useful :D

Umm is my first tutorial and the first time I actually talk in public :P so please be gentle with me

If you have any suggestions..or you would like to see another video tutorial about something let me know and if I can I'll do it...even if that means I'll have to talk again LOL

You will find the tutorial on youtube -


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