Omg! I can't believe it been 3 years already :D Thank you all for your continuous support ^^
Since I'm going to be 4 years old in SL and is the shop ''birthday'' too I've decided to put more gifts out.

- Skin
- Eyes

- Sexy latex outfit
- Sexy sport tish like outfit
- Faith boots ( the ones from the sport outfit ) - special texture
- Impulse boots ( the ones from latex outfit ) - special texture
- Zena pumps special texture
- Leia ankle boots - special texture ( that for some reason forgot to put it on the Hunt poster )

- Ana shoes - full version with HUD ( color and texture changeable 7 extra textures than the ones from normal Ana shoes from the shop )
- Marillyn shoes - full version with HUD like the one above
- Molly shoes - full version

The value of it would be somewhere around 1000L. All of them are limited and special additions made for the hunt and umm I don't think will be available after specially the footwear

You will need a HUD to be able to hunt for the 8 chests I've been hiding around ( hints are provided and hunt been tested and they girls said is very easy ). So you wear the HUD and read the hints and fallow them and once you find one just click on it. Once you've found all 8 you will get automatically the prize.
It's a 10L fee...for the help me cover the cost of uploads and hopefully to get some going for my faulty monitor, to be able to get another monitor


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