Beach bunny hunt started today, hunt for a basket full with summer themed goodies ^^ 0L
I have a gift for guys and girls as well....

On another note, a couple more weeks and i'm done with my exams ... fingers crossed ... and as if i wasn't drained and stressed with the exams..i have a cold as well 30degres Celsius ( about 86F ) pfff hot weather + fever+ hot tea + exams + stress = i don't even know how to describe it except horrible and still i feel is  soft word..sigh

I promise i have goodies for you and new releases as soon as i'll feel better ...sowy for taking so long :(

hugss you all

oh oh..and the BBH3 gift

You know i'm not great with guys, so only some blue trunks with silver stripes to match the girl outfit
For the Ladies a simple yet very elegant swimsuit ( that i like it a lot ) and 2 different types of sarong - mesh in 5 sizes, or flexi one..and the hat ;)

When will be released ...will have a lot more stuff ;) this is like a preview ^^

Happy hunting

PS: Hint ...Mmmmm smells like Jasmine, don't look at the flower pots :P

and here is the link from the bunny hunt ...list with all shops, hints, slurls and photo of gifts


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