I so love ...umm more than usual ... the new releases from today ^^  

All of them are 50% off the normal price for a couple of days ...and extra 20% if you wear group tag

Some of you already meet Kendall ( the black version been New Year Eve gift )

3 types of skirts - mini sculpt, flexi short and fishtail ( sculpt + flexi ) Non rigged mesh boots ( aka you can resize them ) and HUD for  Lolas tango

Carin - It's a very cute rigged mesh dress ... 5 sizes .... and 3 colors  ...matching pumps too

Eleonore - I don't know about you guys but I find this sexy even tho nothing much it's showing lol
The jacket is rigged mesh 5 sizesand matching non rigged mesh boots ^^

And Evermore ^^ a very sexy gown with matching pumps and HUD for Lolas tango applier

There will be some hunts starting soon ^^ I'll post more about those soon ...so keep your eyes open


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