I've been invited to put some free stuff at the Adult Hub ( and btw the sims are awesome, and you should visit if you are not offended by mature content )

 I've made a special edition of Carmen outfit and beside the usual pumps I've added the shoes (Ayana special edition ) and a slightly modified version of Impulse boots with a matching texture ..and of course has Lolas Tango applier HUD
And for the guys a rather simple outfit t shirt,leather pants and leather jacket and a pair of shoes
Both of them are free for new and old residents

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Adult%20Hub/189/206/42 ...you'll have to fallow the red arrow because has a landing point

And for Fashion Hunters only ...there's a gold gift box on the shelf ...wear group tag and touch it ...ermmm and look for poster if you can't see the box


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