I have decided to give it a go to a photo contest because I would love to have some photos with you ( yes you out there ) wearing some of my creations and show off ^^

For the beginning I set up more modest prizes, I want to see how it goes before we go wild

1st place prize 1000L$ gift card and new release item
2nd place prize 500L$ gift card and new release item
3rd place prize 250L$ gift card and new release item

For everyone else who got in a FREE outfit or shoes from my newest release  ( depends what I am releasing )

Now that we got that out of the way ^^

Every 2 months I will pick the winners , with some help from my friends ^^ .... why every 2 months and now monthly? Well because I hope to get at least 10 people in by the end of the 2 months ( yes I am that nervous about that and afraid that no one will get in lol )

1st Round starts February and at the end of March we'll hopefully have the first winners ....IF the contest goes well ... we'll see ^^

Oh yeah ... about the contest ...RULES ...

1. You need to wear an outfit and shoes from the shop
1.1 The outfit MUST be red , the shoes ....any that you want or have BUT they still have to be in the shop
2. Rename your photo (AB) BMC round 1
3. Send it to Amaranth Hak ( make sure it's full perm ...the texture that is )

Why red ? Because having a Valentine's Day sale with red stuff for 10L$ will make things easy

I would like to see you getting creative, you can take the pic anywhere in SL ( doesn't have to be in front of a photo studio ) , but be sure you are alone around and don't have other people in the frame.

Umm I guess that would be all
Good luck to all and fingers crossed ... I can't wait to see how this will go


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