I have 3 new releases today : Pandy, Snowflake and Festive

I won't bore you with details about it, you can see them on the ads ^^ and you can always try a free demo
Pandy :

Snowflake :

Festive is UNISEX tail and ears

I have put new stuff inside MM boards

Group only :

Target is 25 clicks

Public MM:

Target is : 35 clicks

Also I have 2 hunts starting feb 1st :

The stupid cupid hunt :

Hugs and Kisses hunt :

The Cupid shoes for both hunts are simple with textures for skin, ring and ring gems. Color changeable only for skin
The full version : Texture for : skin, nails, ring, ring gems, heart, chain, sole, heel and color changeable for all of the above will be released soon :P


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