I have spend 2 weeks updating ALL of my footwear ..yes was a pain in the ... :P
It's my last update of this kind or I will go insane

I have removed all unnecessary scripts leaving only one tiny small script in each shoe and HUD, making them  one of the lowest / non existent lag shoes out there in SL - yay-

You can automatically update your shoes, just look in your inventory for the updater
Ex: (AB) Updater Amore  or (AB) Updater OMG
rez the updater and type in local chat /12update
You should receive the updated bag with shoes and HUD in a few min.
This DOESN'T apply for freebies, bargains or hunt items ..or any retired shoes

Also I have some footwear that I've forgot to put updaters in their bags like my barefeet or Cherie shoes and a few more, please send an IM or Note Card to AnirisBoutique Resident telling the name of the shoes and from where you've bought them ( marketplace or inworld shop ). I will look into my sales records and if I find your name there I will send you the updated shoes

Don't forget to have a look on youtube for my tutorials about the new hud  :P


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