Boo! Bunny is all about being scary ... This was a little bit different for me, since I'm not fond of scary things lol ... This is an Unisex gift, but I've put it in 2 bags ( one for women with Lolas Tango Appliers  and one for men )

I've made it on all possible layers ..pants, shirt, underpants, undershirt, tattoo, gloves, socks, skin, even made some eyes to go with it. The outfit some with 7 attachments , you can wear them all, or some or none :)

You are looking for a candy ( orange candy ) and the hint is : I love costumes . Oh and this is a free hunt :)

Ahem...i really need to come up with better hiding places and hints lol
Happy hunting

Oh and don't forget about the 50% sale for Halloween outfits :)


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