I have 4 releases today :)

 Angel is a very complex outfit and I couldn't get all the items in the add ( well i could but would look ermm squashed ) ahem
So you have 4 types of skirts: mini, short flexy, fishtail, burlesque type and another one short flexi with belt ( x 2 ..opaque and 30% transparency ) . halo, wings with flying on/off and flapping ( 2 size small and bigger..and you can edit them anyway and make them any size you want ) , pumps, stockings, necklace, bracelets,earrings,Lola's Tango appliers

And even better it's one of the items with 50% off the normal price ( and I do suggest you wear group tag for another 20% discount :)

Avery Barefeet is made to complete Avery outfit, but you can wear it with other fairy outfits or ..other outfits :)

I think Kerra was part of a hunt at some point, now it's released in shop and updated with Lolas Tango appliers ^^

And taking advantage to release other stockings ( still a lot more waiting for release )

50% discount for a a total of 9 outfits and 1 pair of boots . Wear group tag if you want another 20% discount ^^

The outfits are : Hell Queen, Virago, Angel, Spooky, Shanny, LadyBee, LadyBug, McVillan for women, McVillan for men, and Beast boots

Also don't forget 2 hunts ...and 2 more coming until the end of the month. Read below posts for more details about those


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