I don't want to bore you with details, so I'll get to the point.

PRIZES: 5 of my footwear

1. Please read carefully this Notecard
2. Fallow and respect steps and rules

PERIOD of Contest/Giveaway :
14th Jan  - 1st Feb  ...extend until 5th feb

1. Make a new notecard and rename it : (AB) Contest sort of 2013
2. Answer the 2 and a half questions :P
3.Save it
4.Send it to AnirisBoutique Resident

The questions :
1. What you consider that are the most great/awesome etc etc footwear from my shop. Say the name of top 3 of them. You don't have to own them  
2. How you would promote (AB) Aniri's Boutique?

WINNERS: everyone who will give me a HONEST, real answer will get to pick 5 footwear from the shop. I will contact each of you and ask what are the footwear you want to receive.

I will not ... NOT accept any ermm ...answers that are given just for the sake to get some free stuff. These 2 questions are serious, so please treat them like that


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